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In 1685, a spiritually gifted Scottish minister, Callum Hughes, wrongly accused of witchcraft, witnesses the brutal burning of his family. Sold into slavery to English merchants, Callum becomes a galley slave until his fateful shipwreck on the shores of Salem Village, Massachusetts, just before the notorious witch trials.


‘Good: The Examination of an Accused Witch’ serves as the proof of concept short story for the mini-series ‘Commonwealth.’ It establishes the premise and sets the tone for the entire show series.

COMMONWEALTH is what you would get if you combined The New World’s immersive environment, The Tragedy of Macbeth’s gripping suspense and The Sixth Sense’s spiritual minimalism.

The Landscape

In 1685 Scotland, a catastrophic drought triggers brutal witch hunts, leading Pastor Callum Hughes into a harrowing ordeal as his family faces a horrific fate at the stake. Miraculously spared, Callum endures a grueling journey as a Galley Slave, ultimately finding himself in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, aiding the Abenaki Natives in their fight against the English. Amidst a haunting encounter with Abigail Williams, Callum grapples with guilt and redemption, which leads him to the heart of the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Forged in the crucible of the trials, Callum undergoes a profound metamorphosis, culminating in an epic homecoming to Scotland where vengeance gives way to an extraordinary display of mercy.

“COMMONWEALTH”  is about the shared humanity and universal experiences that transcend geographic and cultural boundaries. Despite the characters’ diverse backgrounds and the historical conflicts they face, the show underscores the common threads of resilience, forgiveness, and the endurance of the human spirit in the face of suffering and adversity. The title thus serves as a poignant reminder of the intrinsic bonds that unite people, even in the most challenging and divisive circumstances, highlighting the universal themes of redemption, compassion, and the pursuit of justice.

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In late 17th century Scotland, amidst the theological upheavals of the Nine Years’ War, the gifted Pastor Callum Hughes faces scrutiny for his unorthodox religious practices. As accusations of witchcraft grip the famine-stricken land, Callum becomes the target of brutal persecution, leading to the tragic burning of his family at the stake. Yet, just as flames threaten to claim him, a divine downpour miraculously quenches the fire, marking Callum as a living testament to God’s favor. Despite his newfound status, the religious authorities sell Callum into slavery, casting him into the dark abyss of a merchant ship’s hull. Driven by the hope of finding his surviving daughter, Callum navigates the treacherous waters of survival as a galley slave. Episode one of “COMMONWEALTH” chronicles his journey, exploring the intricate interplay of faith, resilience, and identity against the turbulent backdrop of war, famine, and religious persecution in an era defined by its extraordinary trials.


In “The Galley,” Episode 2 of “COMMONWEALTH,” among the gripping turmoil of enslavement, Callum’s unwavering faith fractures, shattered by the heinous acts of the ship’s crew and a betrayal in the Azores. Accused and ostracized, he treads the thin line between suspicion and redemption, until a divine intervention paints his actions in a righteous light. However, their deliverance from the tempest leads them into the clutches of cunning Spanish pirate privateers, igniting a harrowing battle for control. Braving treacherous storms and a ruthless sea, Callum emerges from the shipwreck off the unforgiving shores of York, Massachusetts Bay Colony, grappling with an uncertain destiny in an unforgiving and unfamiliar world.


In the heart-pounding Episode 3, “Candlemas Retribution,” of “COMMONWEALTH,” Callum’s tumultuous odyssey takes a dramatic turn when an Abenaki woman rescues him from a perilous shipwreck, viewing him as a mystical harbinger of good fortune. Embraced by the Abenaki community, Callum fully immerses himself in their culture, mastering their ancient war and fighting techniques. All the while, he secretly hatches a daring plan to exploit their alliance with the French, seeking both revenge and passage back to his homeland of Scotland. The episode reaches a crescendo during the Abenaki Candlemas Raid, which culminates in a harrowing tragedy as Abigail Williams’ parents meet a gruesome end, laying bare a shocking revelation that threatens to unravel Callum’s fragile alliance. Now hunted by the vengeful Abenaki and the furious French, Callum’s journey is a gripping tale of betrayal and retribution against the backdrop of a tumultuous era.


In the enthralling Episode 4, “Witchcraft Unleashed,” of “COMMONWEALTH,” Callum’s relentless pursuit of Abigail Williams propels him into the heart of Salem Village amidst the looming witch trials and the relentless pursuit of the Abenaki. His unexpected alliance with Sarah Good leads to the discovery of ominous witchcraft rituals, revealing a sinister presence lurking within the community. As tensions escalate between Salem’s factions, the first witchcraft-related hanging of Bridget Bishop sparks panic and hysteria, while Sarah Good faces persecution despite Callum’s unwavering support. Amidst these tumultuous events, Callum’s transformation unfolds, marked by a newfound quest for justice and redemption, setting the stage for a gripping climax in the bewitched village of Salem.


In Episode 5, “The Crucible of Truth,” of “COMMONWEALTH,” Callum’s relentless pursuit of justice during the Salem Witch Trials unravels the political agendas fueling the hysteria, culminating in the devastating deaths of Rebecca Nurse and Sarah Good. Despite his capture, an unexpected turn of events ensues as the Abenaki, backed by the French, seek retribution, entangling Callum in a complex web of conflicting forces. Locked in a cell, Callum’s unwavering determination to reveal the truth serves as a beacon of hope for the imprisoned, offering solace and guidance in their darkest hours. His incarceration ultimately becomes a turning point, as a miraculous healing of the jailer’s incurable disease leads to Callum’s release, acknowledged as an emissary of the divine. With the jailer’s assistance, Callum secures passage on a ship bound for England, embarking on the next chapter of his journey back to Scotland.


In the intense Season Finale, Episode 6 of “COMMONWEALTH,” Callum’s return to Scotland prompts a daring gambit as he assumes the identity of a deceased merchant, navigating a perilous world of deceit and betrayal to evade capture. His bold approach leads him to seek an audience with the King of Scotland, where he not only clears his name of alleged witchcraft but also sparks the inception of the Witchcraft Act of 1735, thanks to the influence of the renowned scientist Sir Isaac Newton and his ally, John Conduitt. As Callum’s fate hangs in the balance, his fight for justice leaves an indelible mark on history, forever altering the perception of witchcraft in the eyes of the law and society. A heartwarming reunion with his daughter, who is now the beloved child of the King, ultimately forces a change in the King’s attitude towards Callum, solidifying their connection as father and daughter.

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Debby Gerber 


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